Balanceo Handmade Leather Shoes and Heels

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Explore our range of handmade leather shoes and elegant heels. Every model comes in a selection of different colours, finishes and soft Italian leathers. Browse our shoes for men, sandals for women and bridal collections:

Balanceo Dance Shoes in Gold
Balanceo and Corrina Herrera
Balanceo Heels in Blue

Why Balanceo?

Time + Expertise = Quality + Style

When it comes to comfort and style Balanceo’s bespoke designs are second to none. Our leather shoes are handmade using an age-old process of proper shoemaking tradition. Here are ten wonderful reasons why you should choose Balanceo and how our shoes are hand-made to order.

10 Reasons Why Making Shoes

Try them on!

Come and browse our shoe collection for yourself. Try them on before you buy them! We regularly attend dance events around the United Kingdom. Why not meet us at our next popup shop!

Balanceo Diary
Balanceo@  Benson Tea Dance
Sunday, 28 July 2024

Balanceo@ Benson Tea Dance

Looking for shoes that are as comfortable as they are stylish? Look no further than Balanceo. Our bespoke designs prioritise your well-being while offering a touch of timeless elegance. Crafted using methods honed over generations, each pair is a tes…
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Perfect axis

I wasn't going to try any, but in the end the gorgeous soft gold leather persuaded me. I thought they'd be too high, but you know what, they put me in the perfect axis for tango and feel like a part of my foot. The comfort is fab. I can wear them all night, and dance all night. Now I'm like an advert for Balanceo, always talking about them... honestly, just try them on, if you're a tango dancer, you can't go wrong.


Balanceo Handmade Leather Shoes and Heels

Low heel options

Some of our beautiful woman’s heels come in a 5cm heel perfect for a range of dance genres or simply for those of us who prefer low.

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Balanceo Handmade Leather Shoes and Heels

Vegan options

Get the same style and quality using 100% leather-free materials. Limited colours and styles available. Get in touch about vegan shoes.

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Balanceo Handmade Leather Shoes and Heels

Custom orders

For those who need a few personal adjustments. You choose the style, heel height, size, width and colour. We’ll make your shoes to order.

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