About Balanceo Shoes

Time and Expertise = Quality and Style. From the moment you decide to own a pair of Balanceo shoes, there ensues an age old process in proper shoemaking tradition.

Balanceo Leather Shoe Sole
Balanceo Suede Leather Samples
Balanceo Heels in Red and Purple Suede Leather

Soft Leathers

The leathers are finished in a range of colours and textures carefully selected by designers for style and elegance.

Patented Technology

Our signature last is a patented technology that will keep you balanced. Balanceo is built for stability.

Hand Finish

Each shoe is then finished, right down to the last tiny detail. Perfect. Ready to wear. Ready to dance.

The Shoemaker

Every shoe is handcut, to the Shoemaker’s personal pattern, by the Shoemaker himself. The leather? Italian. Selected for its suppleness and strength to support you.

Bespoke Shoe Design

Made to order, whatever shape and size your feet are. Balanceo shoes are bespoke. For the individual that understands the importance of shoes that fit well.

Making Shoes

Like a good wine, real shoes take time. Each step in the process is taken in turn, to cut out, build, and dry each model, ready for the finish.

Balanceo Handmade Italian Leather Metallic Party Sandals
Balanceo Leather Samples for Heels
Balanceo Handmade Italian Leather Gold Party Sandals

The Force Behind Balanceo

Einat Adato is passionate about helping you find your perfect pair of Balanceo shoes and will personally liaise with you every step of the way. Einat will advise you on fit, style, wearing-in tips and how to care for your shoes. She is renowned for her attention to detail. Einat travels to dance events, around the United Kingdom, to give you an opportunity to see and try the shoes.


Our diary keeps you up to date on where we will be next. Come and try a pair of Balanceo shoes for yourself.

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