We receive positive reviews and feedback from every one of our customers. Here are just some comments from happy clients who have purchased our shoes.

Balanceo Customer Testimonial:Danced 3hrs. No pain!

Danced 3hrs. No pain!

Just to say a big thankyou! Have just been dancing for the first time in the …


Balanceo Customer Testimonial:Feel like a second skin

Feel like a second skin

I am enjoying my shoes very much and have been thoroughly impressed with how …


Balanceo Customer Testimonial:Not a blister in sight

Not a blister in sight

They were so comfortable, and I danced all afternoon in them and not a bliste…


Balanceo Customer Testimonial:Hoping to buy more!

Hoping to buy more!

I received a pair of your shoes at the recent Tango festival in Dublin as my …


Balanceo Customer Testimonial:Won’t ever go back..

Won’t ever go back..

I love how they feel, I could be replacing all my shoes at this rate. Once yo…


Balanceo Customer Testimonial:So comfortable!

So comfortable!

My silver Yeite are now my favourite dance shoes because they are so stable a…


Balanceo Customer Testimonial:They are a dream

They are a dream

Balanceo tango shoes are a dream. They could not be MORE helpful. I have been…


Balanceo Customer Testimonial:In luuuurve…

In luuuurve…

I am in LUURVE with my NEW tango shoes. I can't thank you guys enough for the…


Balanceo Customer Testimonial:Perfect axis

Perfect axis

I wasn't going to try any, but in the end the gorgeous soft gold leather pers…