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Our shoes are perfect for any occasion, indoor, outdoor and on the dancefloor. Meet us at our next event and try them for yourself.

What’s On?

What Sets Us Apart?

Balanceo is fast becoming the preferred dance shoe for UK dancers and non-dancers alike. Why? Here are ten wonderful reasons why you won’t ever go back.

The Perfect 10

Time and Expertise = Quality and Style

From the moment you decide to own a pair of Balanceo shoes, there begins an age-old process of proper shoemaking tradition.

About Balanceo Shoes

Our Proof Is You!

We are proud to let customers speak for us.



Finally I have shoes that adapt to fit me. I couldn’t recommend the service highly enough.


They feel like a second skin and I never get blisters! So comfortable and stable.


They put me in the perfect axis for dancing tango and feel like a part of my foot.

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