Why Balanceo?

Why Balanceo?

How is Balanceo different?

Our shoes are especially loved by tango dancers and they are perfect for salsa too! Why Balanceo? Once you have glimpsed them you will want to try a pair. Once you’ve tried a pair you won’t want to take them off. We promise.

1. Balanceo shoes are exquisitely beautiful.

They are designed with a close eye on current fashion trends and by dancers who understand how a dancing shoe needs to fit. Whether you are a professional, social dancer, at a special occasion or simply on a night out, you will shine in our shoes.

10 Reasons Why you will love Balanceo Tango Shoes

2. Exclusive. Limited Edition. Designer.

We make no more than five pairs in each colourway to ensure your shoes are quite special. Some of our customers treat our shoes as collectors’ items. Which colours will you want in your collection? Take a look. We think you will be spoilt for choice.

3. Choose from the most gorgeous range of coloured leathers and suedes.

Shimmering metallics, rich dark shades and pastels, complementary and contrasting colourways show off skin tones perfectly. We are always seeking new colours for our designs so that you will always find new looks to compliment any outfit or special occasion.

4. Our unique technology makes them ultra comfortable.

You won’t believe how comfortable. Even our highest heel heights let you dance all night long. Our secret? Memory foam in the sole that molds to your feet… no other shoe has our unique technology. Dancers who try our shoes say “There’s no turning back! They feel AMAZING!”. Once you try Balanceo shoes, you will say so too.

5. And. They are made to last.

So that you get real value for money. They are 100% handmade in Italy by master craftsmen. Quite simply their price reflects their quality… Frankly, you get what you pay for. Our customers prove it’s true because they almost always buy a second pair of shoes, or several pairs. We think our loyal customers are proof of our quality product.

6. Light as a feather!

They are incredibly lightweight. Our women’s shoes weigh less than 500grams and the full weight of the shoe is at the heel, exactly where it should be, with the heel positioned for perfect posture. You will love the sensation of wearing our shoes.

7. We have the largest range of sizes, widths and heel heights.

None of our competitors offer the range we do. From super-narrow to extra-wide, we have a shoe to fit you. And if you don’t see the colour or style in the size you want, we have a bespoke service.

8. You can order bespoke at no extra charge.

You see the style you like. You see the colour you love. You know your size, your width, the heel height you want. You pre-order (and pay in advance) and we make your bespoke shoes that will be totally unique for you. We love making bespoke shoes.

9. We will personally take care of you.

The Balanceo service is second to none. We are passionate about helping you find the perfect shoes for you and will advise you on correct fit, wearing-in tips and how to care for your shoes. Find out more about Einat Adato, Managing Director, and the force behind Balanceo.

10. Your first pair will almost certainly not be your last.

UK customers are fast realising just how special we are. We invite you to try our shoes. Whatever the occasion, we know you will not be disappointed. Rather, we think you will be delighted. See What Our Customers Say

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