Lily Double Strap Glossy Grey and Black Strap

Model: Lily. Leather Upper. Leather Lining. Leather Sole. Black Heel. Grey.


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    So that we ensure we can process your order efficiently please let us know if you have purchased our shoes before and know your correct size.


    You may find that your correct shoe size, for dancing, is one size smaller than your regular shoe size. Lets check! In bare feet, stand on a piece of paper and draw an outline around each foot. Measure the distance between your big toe to your heel. Enter the distance, in centimeters, in the box below. See our Guide to Heel & Shoe Measurements for more information.



    Size 34 → 22cm to 22.5cm

    Size 35 → 22.5cm to 23cm

    Size 36 → 23cm to 23.5cm

    Size 37 → 23.5 to 24cm

    Size 38 → 24 to 24.5cm

    Size 39 → 24.5 to 25cm

    Size 40 → 25 to 25.5cm

    Size 41 → 26cm


    Balanceo shoes are bespoke so not all models and sizes are constantly in stock and can take up to 5 weeks for delivery. Your shipping location will also impact delivery times. Once you place an order we will confirm an estimated delivery date with you. Visit Customer Support for all shipping prices and delivery times.

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