The Balanceo Collection

Explore our range of handmade leather shoes and elegant heels. Every model comes in a selection of different colours, finishes and soft Italian leathers. Browse our shoes for men, sandals for women and bridal collections:

Womenswear Menswear Bridal
Alma Gold Chain and White Leather

Alma →

More colours and leathers.

Mariposa Rose Gold Crac Leather

Mariposa →

More colours and leathers.

Rosa DS Saphire Allure Metallic Leather

Rosa →

More colours and leathers.

Isabel DS White Lace and Silver Metallic Leather

Isabel →

More colours and leathers.

Silver Ankle Strap Handmade Leather Heels

Heels For Comfort & Style

Balanceo’s bespoke designs are second to none. Here are ten wonderful reasons why.

The Perfect 10
Gold Ankle Strap Handmade Leather Heels

Time Expertise = Quality Style

Our leather shoes are handmade using an age-old process of proper shoemaking tradition.

Making Shoes
Balanceo Handmade Italian Leather Purple Party Sandals

Pop Up Shoe Shop

Browse our shoe collection and buy them for yourself! Meet us at our next event.

Balanceo Diary

I love how they feel, I could be replacing all my shoes at this rate. Once you dance in these shoes you don't want to go back.
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